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Why choose a waterbed?

Long ago experts discovered that no other mattress provides such complete tranquility and even support like a waterbed. Conventional mattresses create pressure points on areas of greatest weight concentration, whereas a waterbed contours to the exact weight and shape of your body. As a result you will experience improved blood circulation which permits longer periods of sleep with less movement and fewer reawakenings. 

Wait till you experience the warmth and comfort of a heated waterbed. After all, you floated in water during the first nine months of your existence and no other sleep surface compares to Nature's own design, except a heated waterbed. Therapeutic warmth will penetrate and relax sore muscles, relieve tension and produce an overall more restful deep sleep. 

You owe it to yourself to try the best night's sleep possible...a heated waterbed.


Why You Should Be Sleeping On Water

Pressure ChartTotal Body Support.
Unlike conventional mattresses which create "pressure points" on areas of greatest weight concentration, a waterbed contours to the exact weight and shape of your body providing total, even support.

As a result you will experience improved blood circulation and rarely toss and turn, which can disrupt a good night's sleep. You will awaken feeling refreshed, well rested and energized.

Soothing Therapeutic Warmth.
A cold, unheated mattress of any kind will draw heat away from your body with a chilling effect. A heated water mattress provides an even and gentle warmth that penetrates and relaxes your muscles, allowing a more restful, therapeutic sleep.

Medical Facts and Findings.
Waterbeds are currently being used in hospitals throughout the United States, Europe and Australia. A wealth of sound medical data confirming the therapeutic benefits of flotation sleep is now emerging.

  • Waterbed warmth works to speed relaxation, soothe sore muscles and relieve tension.
  • Waterbeds generally increase the ease of falling asleep.
  • Waterbeds permit longer periods of sleep, with less movement and fewer re-awakenings.
  • Waterbed sleep contributes to a more relaxed feeling in the morning and helps to reduce morning stiffness.
  • Water mattresses do not impair blood circulation or create bed sores, because of the even support distribution and reduction of localized body pressure.
  • When sleeping on a waterbed, patients require less pain medication to sleep comfortably.
  • Flotation sleep allows pregnant women to sleep more comfortably, even on their stomachs.
  • A water mattress is the most sanitary surface one can sleep on.
Stand-Tall -- Sleep-Tall

Stand Tall - Sleep Tall: Research shows that the ideal sleeping posture closely resembles that of standing posture, with the middle ear, shoulder, hip, and ankle all in alignment