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Back To Color ChartWaterbed Linens in Bamboo Blends

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Bamboo (60% Bamboo/40% Cotton) Sheets & Comforters for Waterbed Mattresses -300 Thread Count
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What is "Bamboo"?
Earth Friendly
The fabric is woven from a very renewable resource and is fully bio-degradable.
Cooler and drier than Cotton The fibers in Bamboo wick away moisture up to nine times faster than cotton, making this the perfect fabric for people who experience hot flashes or who tend to perspire in their sleep.
Naturally Anti-microbial Bamboo fibers kill bacteria, fungus, and microbes, which in turn keeps them virtually odor free between washing. Enjoy a cleaner, healthier sheet.
Silky soft texture Similar to rayon or silk in feel, bamboo has been compared to the highest thread count cotton textiles.
Waterbed Sheet Sizes
California King 72"X84"
Queen 60"X84"
Super Single 48"X84"
Single 37"X84"
Round 7'
Round 8'
Waterbed Comforter Sizes
Comforter Size Chart

Woodframe (Hard-Side) Waterbed

Super Single 68" x 104"
Queen 80" x 104"
California King 92" x 104"
7' Round 114" Round
8' Round 126" Round
Stay-Tight Poles or Six-Pocket Style
Stay-Tight Poles Sheet Sets with Free Stay-Tight Poles are made with deep pockets on the corners of the bottom sheet, with the top sheet attached at the foot.

Stay Tight Poles help keep the bottom sheet tucked in.

6 Corner PocketSix Pocket Sheet Sets are made with two separate sheets. The bottom sheet has four deep pockets on the corners, and the top sheet has two deep pockets on the corners.

No Stay-Tight Poles needed!
Laundering Instructions
100% Cotton and Natural Blends
- Cold water wash
- Line or Tumble Dry
- To minimize wrinkles, place on bed immediately after drying.
- To minimize or eliminate pilling, remove from dryer immediately after cycle ends, and avoid using fabric softener, or wearing oils or creams to bed.
- All cotton will shrink slightly the first time it is washed. Your sheets will appear slightly too large before washing.
Stay-Tight Poles6 Corner Pocket

Stay-Tight Poles Top & Bottom sheets are attached at the foot & include 4 poles.

Six-Corner Pocket Top sheet is separate and has two corner pockets.

Colors available in Bamboo Blend 300TC
White Bark natural
Out of Stock Out of Stock Out of Stock

Bamboo Woodframe Waterbed
Pair of Pillow Case Protectors
These are premium 50% polyester, 50% cotton pillow protectors with a zipper closure. Snug fit design.
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STYLE 11 Plush 100% Cotton Quilted Mattress Pad - Waterbed

Plush Cotton Quilted Pad - Wood Frame Waterbed Compatible

  • 100% Cotton T-250 Quilted (both sides)
  • 10 oz. Bonded Polyester Fill
$219.95 On Sale Now! $169.95
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STYLE 8 - 100% Polyester Quilted Mattress Pad - Waterbed

100% Polyester Cotton Pad - Wood Frame Waterbed Compatible

  • Polyester Quilted (both sides)
  • bonded polyester fill
  • Available in your choice of 2 styles.
$169.95 On Sale Now! $149.95
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ThermoShield Mattress Pad - Waterbed

Insulated Mattress Pad

  • Anchor Band Style
  • Improves the Efficiency of your Waterbed Heater.
  • Non-allergenic
  • Soft, Durable
  • Machine Washable
$249.95 On Sale Now! $190.95
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